Our Team

It’s important that you get to know us. Meet our team and ensure that we are the right fit to help with your financial future.

Dallas Davison

Financial Adviser and Business Ownerdallas

Dallas’ head for numbers and his passion for people have always driven him to want to help others succeed. Having grown up on a property in Western Queensland, at the age of 12 he tried to borrow money from the local bank to buy a mob of cows, and would spend hours writing spreadsheets to find the best way to run the property.

Dallas has always been a goal-oriented person, and being a part of the Lighthouse Financial Advisers Townsville team has enabled him to work with his clients to find out exactly what they are looking for in retirement, and to make sure they succeed.

Using effective strategies ensures that Lighthouse Financial Advisers Townsville achieve client goals by focussing on the most important aspects of their life and keeping focused on their retirement dreams.

Working with and helping people get to a position where they can retire in financial comfort is the most satisfying outcome for Dallas.

Michael Hogue

Financial Adviser and Business Owner

Michael has over 15 years of experience in the financial planning industry, and has been an advocate for taking a personal approach to advising clients since founding Lighthouse Financial Advisers Townsville in December 2010.

Recognising that everyone’s situation is different, and that they have different priorities, has made Michael focus on really getting to know his clients on a personal level. Understanding what motivates someone, and what their interests are, allows Michael to clarify their most important goals and to be able to set in place strategies to achieve them.

Michael prefers memorable experiences such as travel over material possessions. In the recent past, this has included saving, planning, then driving 6,000km all over France for 2 months with his wife Suzie in a Peugeot 208 hatchback.

Recognising that most clients wish to travel leading up and throughout retirement, there is no greater satisfaction for Michael than being able to tell his clients that they are able to retire in financial comfort.

Kylie Hatfield

Client Relations Extraordinaire and Business Ownerkylie

Kylie’s passion for the financial planning industry, and for life, is deep-seated in her passion to provide the greatest amount of help and experience that she can. Having worked professionally in the financial planning industry for over 10 years, Kylie has utilised her passion in becoming Lighthouse Financial Advisers Client Relations Extraordinaire, ensuring that each and every client receives an exceptional experience, and enjoys a meaningful and valuable relationship that brings them every step closer towards achieving their individual goals and objectives.

Being part of such an amazing and tight-knit group, Kylie loves coming to work, and has helped implement the many exciting changes the Lighthouse team have gone through since the beginning of their business. As Lighthouse Financial Advisers Client Relations Extraordinaire, Kylie’s is the first face you’ll see, and the first voice you’ll talk to, and her love for what she does is obvious from the moment you meet her.

Kylie strives to help everyone in her life, whether it be her clients, her son Cooper, or those from the multiple charities she actively supports, but she also makes sure that she takes the time to constantly challenge herself and enjoy life, whether that be with fitness, new travel adventures, or simple Sunday family waffles.