How We Help (Our Services)

How we help our clients

As financial advisers, our role is to:

  1. Work out how much you need to accumulate in order to retire
    The amount is different for each person. The two key things that we need to work out in arriving at this figure are:
    a. In how many years’ time do you plan on retiring?
    b. If you were retired as of today, what income would your retirement savings need to generate in order to meet your monthly living expenses as well as funding the fun things such as travelling?
  2. Work out how to get you there
    This part involves choosing tried and tested strategies that we have used in order to get our clients to where they need to be. We discuss these strategies with you in everyday terms (we despise industry jargon!) so that you can understand why we have recommended something and what it is that our recommendations will achieve.
  3. Keep you on track
    Changes to your situation, to economic conditions, and to legislation (e.g. Taxation, superannuation contribution limits, etc.) are the three main areas that impact and distract people from getting to where they need to be. We decipher these changes and fine-tune your strategy to ensure that you have the best possible outcomes. We keep you focused and progressing toward your retirement date and the amount you require.


Your next step

We invite you to contact us to arrange an appointment with a financial adviser. During this appointment we will:

  • work out with you how much you need to accumulate before you retire
  • discuss how to build your retirement savings over the remainder of your working life
  • discuss what your ideal balance of life is

This appointment is both free of charge and there is no obligation for to you to proceed. We will also discuss what our role is in further detail and what our costs are. Generally, our fees can be met in full from your superannuation fund with no out of pocket cost to you.